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The Shop itself
It is our ambition that the shop which will be created in Great Paxton will fulfil the following main aims.

•     Provide a convenience shop for the local community without the need to drive out of the village.

•     Provide voluntary work opportunities for local residents and give valuable work experience for younger members of the community whose options are currently limited in the village

•     Provide a central meeting point and a source of information to the village

•     Provide an outlet for local businesses to sell their products and crafts

•     The shop will be a not for profit enterprise run for the benefit of the community.

Great Paxton is a rural village comprising 400 dwellings. The village suffers from a complete lack of in village amenities other than the warm and welcoming community pub. The last village shop closed 4 years ago.  When the community pub, The Bell, opened in 2013 it was always considered that a community shop would follow. In 2015 a public meeting was held, a committee formed and a Village Shop questionnaire circulated to gauge public interest.

Great Paxton Community Shop, The Bell, 50 High St, Great Paxton, St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19 6RF Telephone: 01480 214 205 email:
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Great Paxton had a shop/post office until a few years ago until it closed. The nearest towns for shopping are St.Neots (3 miles) & Huntingdon (7 miles) with a very limited bus service to both. There is a small shop in Offord Cluny (2.5 miles) but, again, requires a car journey. We are fortunate to have a primary school and a community pub, and a village shop run by the village community for the benefit of the community will be a huge social asset.

Young and old alike are mostly in walking distance of the proposed site. It is envisaged that the shop will stock most items found in a convenience store. Our survey tells us that there will be regular usage with 78% saying they would spend  £10-50 weekly.

It is also hoped that having a village shop will have a positive effect on house prices.

Members of the committee have visited Grafham Water Community Shop and found their experiences of value. Two of the committee visited an exhibition on fund-raising, held by the local authority, and gleaned information of those bodies that might be interested in awarding grants for such a project.
There is much enthusiasm for the shop and promises of regular usage.